1. Work with Planning, Project Procurement, Construction and Technical Working Group (TWG) to ensure that it is properly aligned with the expectations of the other Divisions in understanding and addressing the project requirements. Monitor and make changes as work progresses.
2. Analyze requirements for each project and identify potential risks and critical elements to incorporate on creation of technical Documents to be issued to all bidders.
3. Establish and recommend evaluation criteria and selection process for ease in determining the complying bids.
4. Evaluates Design and Working Drawings 9Automation and Instrumentation) submitted by the Contractors for:

• Offices of Maynilad
• Pumping Stations (above ground and inline booster)
• Sewage Treatment Plants
• Sewage Interceptor Pump and Lift Stations
• Design and Build Projects

5. Review/check the tender bidding document submittals of design consultants for Maynilad projects especially between SOP and M&P. Checks for lapses or missing items that are necessary in the implementation of works which may cause variation orders later in the projects.
6. Reviewing and monitoring the Automation and Instrumentation outputs
7. Compiling the necessary Technical Specifications
8. Conducting a joint review session for the Bidding Documents with different units of PMD Engineering and the End Users
9. Conducts research and development for new Maynilad Technical specifications. Recommends based on technical study whether the proposed materials/items could be considered for preparation and development of Technical Specifications.


• Licensed Engineer (preferably ECE, ME, EE, CE, ChE and SE)
• At least five (5) to seven (7) years working experience related to the job