Samahang Tubig Maynilad

Launched in May 2009 to address the problems of water inaccessibility and irresponsible water use in Maynilad's concession area. Under the project, residents of urban poor communities are organized and given training to make sure that they are capable of sustaining the water management programs in their communities.

In 2010, the International Water Association (IWA) recognized Maynilad's STM program under the Project Innovations Development Category. The award is given to excellent and innovative water and sanitation projects in low and middle-income countries.



Daloy Dunong

A multi-awarded program that encourages the youth to become active by  participating in fun and meaningful activities that will increase their appreciation of water, health and the environment





Mission Ginhawa

Lack of safe drinking water is always a problem during calamities. This is why Maynilad conducts relief operations even outside its service area. Through our donation of clean water, compact micro-filtration systems and technical assistance, we  hope to deliver relief to those who need it most.





Lingkod Eskuwela

Maynilad’s Lingkod Eskwela project is intended for West Zone public schools that have no access to clean and potable water. It involves the construction of drinking fountains, clean-up of water reservoirs or tanks, and regular sampling of drinking water to check its quality. Under the project, Maynilad also conducts regular desludging of the schools’ septic tanks to ensure proper sanitation.