More than a basic service provider, Maynilad is a company that nurtures talent, delivers results and enables progress. Everything that we do is the result of our firm commitment to our Vision, Mission and Values.


We are the leading water solutions company in the Philippines with a strong presence across Asia.


We provide safe, affordable and sustainable water solutions that enable those we serve to lead healthier, more comfortable lives.

Corporate Values


Honesty and Integrity

We deal with our stakeholders with honesty and integrity. We will always do what is right and fair for the sake of our customers, shareholders and the environment.

Customer Service

We consider our customers as our growth partners. Only by providing them with affordable, high-quality water solutions can we continue generating value for our company and shareholders.


We encourage creative thinking and deliberate execution. We expect our people to manage our company's resources with a strong sense of initiative, ownership and accountability in order to balance the needs of our customers with those of our other stakeholders.

Commitment to Excellence

We view excellence as a means and not an end. To maintain our operational efficiency and industry leadership, we push our people to excel by being diligent and innovative in their work.


We value our people and consider their success as our own. This is why we provide them with the support, responsibilities and opportunities that will allow them to develop individually and with the company.

Love for Country

We actively partner with the public sector so that we can provide even more Filipinos with water solutions that will spur national development and secure the environment.