Project Contractors

To determine the capacity of prospective contractors to implement our infrastructure projects, we require these contractors to undergo an accreditation process.

Below is our accreditation process:

1. Submit a complete list of the basic requirements to Maynilad's Program Management Division

  • Letter of application
  • Completely filled-out Contractors Accreditation Application form
  • Authority of the signing official
  • Company profile
  • SEC/DTI certificate of registration
  • Philippine Contractors Accrediation Board (PCAB) License
  • List of completed and on-going projects for the last five (5) years
  • List of key manpower and equipment
  • Financial statements for the last three (3) years as submitted to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

2. Evaluation of technical and financial capabilities


The technical experience and expertise of a contractor are evaluated every year. This will determine if they have sufficient resources to ensure satisfactory completion of projects. Contractors will be evaluated and must meet the minimum requirements as set by the company.


From the contractor's financial statements, the Gross Financial Contracting Capacity (GFCC) is computed using the following formula: GFCC = Working Capital x 4

The value of the GFCC must be at least Five Million Pesos (PhP5,000,000.00) in order for the contractor to qualify.

3. Immersion in Contractor Co-Development Program (CCDP)

Contractors that satisfactorily passed the technical and financial evaluation will be endorsed to undergo a 6-month program conducted by a third party knowledge provider.

4. Evaluation of management system capabilities

Contractors that have completed the CCDP will be audited based on the management system audit protocol.

Using this protocol, Maynilad partner auditors will assess the management system of the contractors. Contractors must pass this audit to be officially included in Maynilad's list of accredited contractors.

5. Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation

Maynilad will issue a certificate of accreditation to contractors who have passed all the stages and include them in its database

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