Project Contractors

To determine the capacity of prospective contractors to implement our infrastructure projects, we require these contractors to undergo an accreditation process. All documents that need to submit must be in electronic copy in CD or USB.

Below is our accreditation process:

Phase I Evaluation - Basic Company Information and Financial Capacity • Basic Company Information

The following documents under Phase 1 Evaluation must be submitted by the contractor: • Maynilad Contractor Accreditation Questionnaire

  • Letter of Application • Authority of the Signatory(ies) of the Contractor
  • Company Profile SEC/DTI Certificate of Registration BIR Certificate of Registration SSS Certificate of Registration Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board ("PCAB") License Organizational Chart

  • Financial Capacity
  • The following information under Phase I Evaluation must be provided by the contractor: • Financial statements for the last three (3) years as submitted to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) • Credit Line (from reputable bank and accredited Maynilad Supplier)

    The value of the working capital must be at least Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php. 2,500,000.00) per year for the last three years in order for the Company to consider the contractor financially capable of carrying out the Projects.

    Working capital =Current Assets - Current Liabilities

Phase II Evaluation -Technical Capability

A contractor must comply with the minimum requirements indicated in the questionnaire appendices to pass this evaluation process. Maynilad will conduct scheduled audit, to verify and to summarize the findings on such contractor's manpower and equipment availability to handle the Projects.

Phase III Evaluation -Management System Capability

The Company warrants contractors, who are financially and technically capable, as well as, with an established management system. Thus, it is necessary to thoroughly evaluate the existing management system of the contractor to ensure the quality of work and performance prior to executing any Maynilad Project.

Approval of Accreditation

Maynilad will issue a certificate of accreditation to contractors who have passed all the evaluation.