Project Contractors

Below are the basic steps to bid for Maynilad projects. These procedures are also applicable for Open Invitation Projects.

1. Submit a letter of intent

Indicate your intention to bid for a specific project.

2. Purchase prequalification documents

Contractors may purchase prequalification documents once an invitation for prequalification is issued.

3. Submit prequalification requirements

4. Purchase bidding documents

Bidders that satisfied the prequalification requirements will be asked to purchase the formal bidding documents to start preparing for the submission of bids.

5. Submit bidding documents

Bidding documents may consist of two components, depending on the requirement of the project: the technical bid and the financial bid. The two components must be submitted together but in separate expanding envelopes.

The evaluation of the two components of bid is done sequentially. Only financial bids of contractors that passed the evaluation of technical bids will be opened and evaluated.

The lowest complying bid will be recommended for award to the Contracts and Awards Committee (CAC). The CAC is the body that approves all recommendations for award in any contract with Maynilad.

The winning contractor will be issued a Notice of Award which indicates the corresponding requirements necessary for the execution of Maynilad infrastructure projects.