Rates and Billing

To estimate your monthly water bill:

1. Select your rate classification from the dropdown options in Customer Type
2. Choose whether you are an unsewered or sewered customer
3. Type your water consumption in terms of cubic meters
4. Select your meter size from the available dropdown options

To determine your meter size, check the Maintenance Service Charge in your Statement of Account and find the corresponding meter size in the table below:

Meter Size Maintenance Service Charge
(per connection)

5. Click Calculate and your estimated water bill will appear at the bottom


Customer Type
Connection Type
Meter Size


Basic Charge 0.00
FCDA 0.00
Environmental Charge 0.00
Sewer Charge 0.00
Pre Payment Adjustment 0.00
MSC 0.00
VAT 0.00
Payment Incentive Adjustment 0.00
Total Bill 0.00

For a definition of the items on your water bill, click here

IMPORTANT: The above computation is only an estimate of your water bill. In case there is a discrepancy between the estimated rate and your water bill, your water bill will take precedence.