August 22, 2018

The Maynilad Water Academy recently organized its second implementation of the “Junior Water Camp” (JWC)—an educational program that promotes the application of science and technology in the water industry. Now on its second year, the program features lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on activities on topics such as water sources, water and wastewater treatment, logistics, meters, leaks, research and design thinking, and customer service.
The photo shows junior high school students of the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) main campus taking their practical exam on leak detection as part of their eight-day science immersion program in Maynilad.
“Maynilad Water Academy will continue to engage with PSHS and other learning institutions so that we can produce the future water professionals and experts that will help ensure water sustainability for our country,” Maynilad Water Academy executive director Rodora Gamboa said.
“The JWC experience is definitely worth your time. You will learn many concepts regarding water distribution, treatment, and sanitation, and also be immersed in actual field demonstrations of water operations,” JWC graduate Francis Matthew A. de los Reyes said.