Maynilad uses a third-party service provider, D&B Philippines, Inc., to verify and evaluate the financial and commercial capabilities of a prospective vendor. However, product and technical evaluation remains with our Vendor Management Department.

Below is the tabulation of processing fees

For Vendors without Initial Engagement with D&B Philippines, Inc.

Location Pre-Qualification Fee (in P; exclusive of VAT)
Metro Manila P5,000
Provincial P6,000

For Vendors with Initial Engagement with D&B PH prior to Maynilad Water Services, Inc.

Location Pre-Qualification Fee (in P; exclusive of VAT)
Metro Manila P1,500
Provincial P2,500

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Accreditation Process

  1. Download a copy of the Supplier Accreditation Questionnaire and Quality, Environment, Safety and Health (QESH) Policy
  2. Submit a scanned copy of the completed Supplier Accreditation Questionnaire, together with the QESH Policy signed by your President and General Manager to\
    • QESH Policy signed by your President/General Manager
    • SEC Registration
    • BIR Registration (Form 2303)
    • Mayor’s Permit
    • Latest Audited Financial Statements
    • DOLE Certificate (For service providers only)
  3. Supplier Management will review the submission, including the applicability of the offered product/s. If found qualified, the prospective supplier will be endorsed for processing by Maynilad’s third-party service provider (D&B Philippines, Inc.)
  4. Coordinate with D&B Philippines, Inc. for payment and submission of other requirements.
  5. 1. Supplier Management will consolidate the results of the financial, commercial and technical evaluations. The prospective supplier will be informed of the results of the evaluation by email. If the prospective supplier passes the evaluation, the said supplier will be issued a Notice of Accreditation through email.
  6. For more information, please click the links below:

    Process flow: Product Pre-Qualification
    List of requirements for Pre-Qualification
    List of Products Needed

The day the accreditation is issued shall count as its first day (Day 1) of validity and shall be renewed every 3 years, subject to the submission of the latest Business Permit and Audited Financial Statement, as well as the updated Distributorship Agreement and other government permits, as required. Likewise, the results of the supplier performance evaluation for previous contracts/Purchase Orders is also one of the bases in the renewal of accreditation.